PC-Stitch Pro

Make your own knittingpatterns with PC-Stitch Pro
(download the demo first at http://www.pcstitch.com)

PC-Stitch Pro is actually a cross-stitch programm, but at my request the makers have made it possible to change the grid so you can make knittingpatterns too! Here's how you do it:

Use this picture to try it out first, click right on the picure and choose Save Picture as... Save it on your computer.

When you have started the programm choose File, Import

The next screen appears:

Click on Browse:

Find an illustration on your computer and click on Open, the next screen appears:

Click on Size

To make knittingpatterns you have to change the size of the grid. When the grid is square you will get a cross-stitch pattern.

Standard size will be 14 for both Horizontal and Vertical Cloth Count.
Uncheck Square Weave first, then change the numbers into Horizontal 9 and Vertical 12, as shown on the screenshot above. (You won't find the number 9 in the menu, but you can type over the numbers.)

Check Show Preview, another picture will appear on the right of the screen:

Then choose To Fit in the Preview menu:

The screen will show two pictures now, the right one seems to be too narrow. This is OK, it will be the right size when we are finished.

When you click on adjustments you can make the leftpicture (original) look better if you want to. Just play with it a little to see what it can do.

Now click on Floss. Maximum Colors to Use is standard 50. Since we don't want to knit with 50 different colors we are going to narrow this number down. I always start with 5, the less colors the better!

Now click on To Fit in the Preview menu again to see the whole pattern. (you will have to do this every time you change something)

Now you can see the colors of the pattern have been reduced to 5 colors only and it still looks good, but we want the black lines around the pattern.

So we change the Maximum Colors to Use to 7 and see what happens then:

Well, this looks a lot better!! So we click OK and see what the pattern looks like in the right aspect ratio.

We are not quite satisfied yet, we only want the colors blue, red, yellow and black and now there are still 7 colors.

We have to reduce the colors in the pattern, now there are two brownish colors and one yellow-green color we don't want in the yellow areas.

To change those three colors you click on the yellow square (last one in this row) hold it and drag the mouse to the first square, the green-yellow one, you can see the little square with the plus in it when you do it.

When you let go of the mousebutton there will appear a little menu:

Click on Replace and the color is gone. The stitches in the pattern that used to be that color are now yellow. Do the same with the brownish colors.

Then you will have 4 colors left and the pattern looks perfect!

When you zoom in on the pattern you will see that all the gridlines are black. Since we want to see the divisions every 10 rows we are going to change that.

Click on Tools, Options:

and get this screen, here you can change the colors of the grid. Wen you are finished click OK.

Now we want to print the pattern so we can start with the knitting already.....

Choose Print/Preview

Next screen will appear: Here you will find a lot of printing options, as you can see when you go through the tabs. The option Specific Stitches Per Inch is important, usually the pattern will fit on one page, if not you can change this number untill it does. If you want the actual pattern printout to have bigger squares you can also print the pattern over two pages. Just try something until you are satisfied with the result, But first you have to look at the Grid Page Options.

The most important is the Grid Page Options, because there you can make sure your pattern will be clear enough to use it for your knittingproject. Make sure you make the screen look like this:

Next option is Information Sheet:

We don't really need an information sheet for knitting, because we choose the colors we can find, there are no numbers needed as with cross-stitch. So check the first option on the left (Show only flosses in the pattern) and uncheck everything on the right. Like this:

The Margins are correct, don't change that.

Then click on Preview:

Beautiful!!! Hit Print and start knitting!

There are a lot more options with this programm as you can understand. It's not possible for me to explain everything here. Just download a demo from the website and start exploring the programm. It will be worth it!

Good Luck!