The first number indicates the number of rows, the second number indicates the number of stitches

Click on the picture to go to the actual pattern. These charts are on seperate pages that open in a new window or tab.

Some patterns are together on one page, when they are about the same subject like for instance Curious George, then you need to scroll down to get to the patterns you want.

Curious George Curious George Curious George Dikkie Dik Dribbel Dribbel Paddington Pardoes van de Efteling Pardijntje van de Efteling
64-36 64-38 137-72 79-59 78-49 53-71 56-32 80-54 113-58

Jommeke Yosemite Sam Snoopy Suske en Wiske Jerommeke Jeroentje Catootje Catootje
61-71 64-64 55-32 100-90 75-60 97-63 68-54 50-38

Garfield Garfield Janneke Jip Jip en Janneke Takkie
61-70 88-51 75-35 81-44 91-65 27-49