The first number indicates the number of rows, the second number indicates the number of stitches.

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Auto Ferrari race auto Politieauto Zandauto
17-40 23-85 70-37 71-72 55-93

Vrachtwagen Brandweerwagen Heftruck tractor Tractor Hijskraan Kiepwagen Helicopter
75-75 45-77 46-59 89-79 41-47 73-44 55-75 55-69

Bootjes Bootje Zeilbootje Vliegtuig Motor Treintje
38-64 60-40 31-34 55-52 65-90 21-21

Ferrari-logo groot Ferrari-logo klein Harley Davidsen logo Honda logo Opel logo BMW logo Dodge logo
109-65 64-40 70-94 80-75 100-71 83-66 77-48