Welcome to our website

This site is for knitters who like to knit images on to a sweater. You will find a lot of charts here. All the charts are free for your own use. Have fun knitting!

PC Stitch Pro

Start making your own knittingpatterns with PC-Stitch Pro. PC-Stitch Pro is actually a cross-stitch programm, but at my request the makers have made it possible to change the grid so you can make knittingpatterns too!

Irfan View

I use the program Irfan View to edit pictures. In this program you can print a knittingpattern perfectly on one page. The program is freeware and in English. Save the enlargement (click right, save picture as) en open it in Irfan View. Click on file, print, OK en the program will give you the "Best Fit" option, which adjusts the pattern to fit on one page. (you can't make your own patterns with this program, you can just print my patterns better )